• Minnesota’s Nikke Bäckström talks about his new summer training program

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        This summer Minnesota Wild’s Niklas Bäckström has been working out using new and different methods compared to the previous years. The reasons for this have been some of the injuries that have been bothering him during the last 2 seasons as well as desire to get better every year. During the last 3 summers his personal coach Jukka Ropponen has

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      • The first goaliemask

        A Brief History of the Goalie Mask

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        8.1.2005 The original Jaques Plante mask from 1959 It’s been roughly forty five years since Jacques Plante introduced the first fully functional goalie mask to the world of hockey.  This mask was formed from an exact mould of Plante’s face and fit the contours of Plante’s face like a second skin. The eye holes conformed to Plante’s cheekbones and eye

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