Summer 2013 Goalies Pro Program

Summer 2013 Goalies Pro Program
28/02/2013 Juha Halmesvaara

Espoo 28.2.1013 During the next couple of weeks we will be finalizing the arrangements for our summer 2013 pro goalies training program and start the selection of participates that will be approved to this exciting program.

Even though it is called pro goalies training program, we will not limit the participation just to pro goalies only. Depending on the availability of open slots we do always allow some talented younger goalies to join the program as long as they are serious and have target to become professional hockey players/goalies and we also believe that they have a chance to achieve that goal.

Above: Bernd Bruckler working on a drill during summer 2012 pro program

Our program will start late May and ice sessions start early June. Here’s some fact about the program:

  • Only 6-8 goalies will be accepted annually
  • All goalies will be analyzed at beginning of the program thoroughly and analysis will be updated constantly throughout the summer
  • Based on personal analysis each goalie will receive fully detailed personal training program each week
  • Weekly programs will be done based on not only the analysis but also based on weekly progress, goalies own input/feedback, physical state etc…
  • Part of the workouts will be done by goalies themselves based on their program, but all new drills, moves and workouts will be teached to them first
  • All ice workout’s will be programmed by GoaliePro’s Jukka Ropponen who will also carry the main responsibility for on ice corrections, instructions etc. Other coaches on the ice working with the goalies are Ari Sulander and Ale Jääskeläinen. These both coaches have been part of GoaliePro’s system for several years
  • Number of ice workouts varies between 2-6 / week  and on the average week our goalies will hit the ice 3 times with us
  • Main focus on the ice in the summer is to have clear analysis on goalies technique and plan on how to improve / what will be changed & corrected during the summer months
  • For the off-ice training the agenda is simple. Clear analysis as the basis for the plan and then creation of the program that will get our goalies to the shape that will guarantee them the best possible physical condition / position to be successful for the upcoming season
  • All workouts will be done at Espoo, Finland and program will end during the month of August when goalies need to return to their team
  • In the past we have had several goalies participating in the program. Here are some of the examples of our participants:
    • Niklas Bäckström, Minnesota Wild
    • Ari Sulander, ZSC Lions (now coaching for us)
    • Mikko Rämö, KooKoo
    • Bernd Brucler, Nizhni Novgorod/Sibir Novosibirsk
    • Rasmus Tirronen, Merrimack College NCAA
    • Jan Ropponen, Rochester Institute of Technology NCAA
    • Lukas Flueler, ZSC Lions
    • Etc…

Is your goal to become a professional goalie or are you already one? Do you have high career goals? Do you have the commitment and ability to reach your goal(s)? If you do and you are interested in joining our program this coming summer, let us know why you should be selected! Contact: coaching (at)

We will contact each candidate via e-mail and interview the final candidates personally before making the selection. The cost of the program will vary depending on the level of customization as we will truly tailor this to each individual.

Juha Halmesvaara