Sneak preview – Brian’s G-Netik catch glove

Sneak preview – Brian’s G-Netik catch glove
01/09/2012 Juha Halmesvaara

Brian’s will soon announce full details of their new product line, G-Netik. This innovative new line is again a demonstration of the cutting edge development capabilities of Brian’s. Next month we will have full details of all new products available as the line will be unveiledat the let’s Play Hockey show at Las Vegas. Naturally Goaliepro will be there and publish news & report on what is new for the goalies.

This article is a sneak preview about the G-Netik catch glove as we have been testing the product from early June. We are not going to go for the details of the glove features before Brian’s gives us a permission to do so, but at this point we got their permission to publish photos.

We have 2 goalies using early prototype / pre-production gloves. Bernd Bruckler got his G-Netik glove during the Goaliepro camp in June and Petri Vehanen tested our sample glove when his team Rauman Lukko went on the ice. Vehanen did fell in love with the product right away and refused to return our sample 🙂 ! Naturally we have a few extras coming to Petri soon, but right now he is playing with the sample one.

First batch of these gloves will be available for regular customers late November / early December in Finland via Goaliepro depending when the factory is able to ship our order.

Enjoy the photos!

This glove has the 1-piece design, but stock gloves for Europe will have IIHF legal 2-piece look.

Thumb strap has been added as extra to this glove per brucklers request

Brucks working out at the Goaliepro June camp with his new G-Netik catch glove











Juha Halmesvaara