New & improved Coreshorts now available at Nordic countries

New & improved Coreshorts now available at Nordic countries
16/06/2020 Jukka Ropponen

Coretection Products LLC has launched their own line of Coreshorts. Product line consists of 3 different models with different levels of compression. Coreshorts are available from Goaliepro retailers in Nordics countries and Estonia.

Coreshorts are the market leader in functional wear that stabilizes pelvic ring, controls hip & pelvis and creates tension for outward motion & rotation.

One may know the name Coreshorts from the past as part of UnderArmour products line as they were manufacturing the products under license from Coretection Products until late 2018. Now these patented products are available only via Coretection and their authorized distributors like GoaliePro.

The new products line improvements compared to the past products are:

  • Higher cut at the back to improve lumbar support – Fits the pelvis better – goes over the pelvic rim
  • Horizontal sacral triangle added back in – improved circumferential compression/fit
  • Two inch waist band – distributes force circumferentially – forms part of the support system
  • Upgraded “X” material to improve dynamic sling support
  • Upgraded filler material to improve performance and fit
  • Butterfly gusset – no stitching to improve fit, form, function and comfort

Retailers can contact jukka.ropponen (at) / +358 400 423 910