Hockey goalies all-body TRX workout # 5

Hockey goalies all-body TRX workout # 5
17/09/2011 Juha Halmesvaara

This is an example of one of our “standard” TRX workouts we did use with our pro goalies during the past summer. On top of this workout we had 2 specific lower body and 2 upper body TRX workouts we used throughout the summer.

When doing workouts like this you need to warm-up well & do dynamic stretched before starting the actual moves on TRX. Then you can do all 10 moves as circuit (10-12 reps each) either:

  • 2 x if your workout is a combination of ice training etc and this is done as extra strength training
  • 3 x when you have a hard training week going on, but this is still standalone workout. This can also be done on a game day when it is not your turn to play
  • 4 x as standalone workout when body is well rested and you did not have heavy workout load on the previous day

Here are all the moves performed by Nikke Bäckström (Minnesota Wild) and Rasmus Tirronen (Merrimack) Videos have been taken by Ale Jääskeläinen (Goaliepro):

# 1Roll-up from sprinter position. Lean forward like running hard, TRX on bent hands/arms, 1-leg pushes all the way to toes while other leg is in the air

# 2 Upwards row. Straight body, feet higher on wall etc than head, rowing motion to bring body up

# 3 Plyo push-ups. Legs on TRX, facing down, push-up with tuck in the end

# 4 Slow Pendulum. Side to side facing down with feet on TRX and hands on tight cord/rope/beam

# 5 Grappler. Body straight, legs 90 degree, facing up, TRX in 1 hand, pull up while reaching as high as possible with free hand

# 6 Scale and kick. TRX in both hands > perform a full straight “scale” 1-leg stand > hold for 1-2 seconds > bring back > kick the incoming knee as high as possible across the body to opposite side

# 7  1-hand killer. TRX in the other hand and opposite foot, body straight balancing on hand > do 1-hand pushup while bringing the other hand far away to the side > at the end do tuck while keeping feet together

# 8  Reversed push-ups. Trx on feet, back toward TRX anchor point, body straight > push-ups

# 9 Crunches. TRX on opposite hand and foot, but on the floor > deep slow slow crunches all the way up

# 10 Fetal twist. Feet on TRX, body straight, side up, lower arm from elbow on the floor, upper hand on the side of the head > tuck feet in while rolling body over as far as possible and back

Juha Halmesvaara