What GoaliePro mentorship has ment to me

by Jack Hartigan

What GoaliePro mentorship has ment to me by Jack Hartigan
27/01/2015 Jack Hartigan

In 2011 I was just a few years into my goaltending coaching career. During my first year of goaltender coaching I struggled to find solid mentorship opportunities and advanced info on goaltender development and training. As a younger goaltender coach who had his hockey career cut short due to injury I wanted to stay in the game and had a real passion for goaltender coaching. I took on a job as a head of goaltender development at local minor hockey association.


I knew I needed to develop a strong knowledge in goaltender development from grassroots to the highest levels. At the end of my first season coaching , I then started to search for mentorship opportunities online. Given my past playing experiences as a goaltender playing in Finland I knew Finland has one of the strongest goaltender development programs internationally. Thats when I stumbled upon Jukka’s GoaliePro webpage offering a mentorship program for international goaltender coaches. I instantly emailed him and applied. Jukka then went on to accept me to the program I really did not think at my age and lack of experience I would be accepted to the program!



That opportunity would turn out to be life changing for me. During my first time with GoaliePro I was completely integrated into the Jukka’s coaching system & structural development , with hands on coaching with local youth goaltenders on ice as well learning how to interact train & analyze  professional goaltenders (NHL, KHL , SM-Liga ) on-ice during private pro sessions.


Another truly great part of the experience was that each of the past 3 years I have attended 4-6 other goaltender coaches from across the world were also in attendance mentoring for the week! It was a great opportunity to network with goaltender coaches to share resources , develop ideas , and training methods. Most importantly I have forged some incredible friendships with these coaches.

One other great thing about the mentorship week with GoaliePro is the cultural experiences  & fun you will have outside of the rink. Some of my highlights I look forward to each year is GoaliePros legendary SAUNA PARTY NIGHT & Jukka’s Annual Cookout !

Being part of the GoaliePro network for the past  4 years has truly helped progress me as a goaltender coach & person.

This is a mentorship opportunity that any goaltender coach who is serious about progressing as a coach does not want to miss out on.


Goaltender Development across Nova Scotia , Head of FinnGoalie Training, Bedford Goaltending Development Program, Goalie coach Valley Wildcats.