Goaliepro June 2012 camp now open for foreign students

Goaliepro June 2012 camp now open for foreign students
01/03/2012 Juha Halmesvaara

Goaliepro main camp 2012 will be at Espoo, Finland June 4-8. Foreign students can now apply for the open slots that have not been allocated yet.. Here’s more information on our camp:

Nikke Bäckström and Ari Sulander will be part of the camp coaching staff and Bäckström will also work out at our pro program during the camp week.
  • Daily program consist.
    • 2 Ice sessions (Main focus of the camp is teaching that will take place on the ice)
    •  1 Dryland workout (Every day we will teach 1 new training methdod & set of drills so that all students will have a good selection of drills and workouts for their personal off season program. Intensity of these workouts will be toned to the level that they don’t take any of the teaching effects away from the ice sessions as long as students come to the camp in a good shape)
    • Warm-up & cool down sessions and basic body maintenance led by our physiotherapist
    • Opportunity to follow pro goalies workouts
    • Visiting lecturers that are topic experts in injury prevention, nutrition etc…
    • Program is designed by Jukka Ropponen who is also on the ice during all workouts
    • Jukka has a talented group of experienced coaches and goalies working with students. This group includes Niklas Bäckström, Ari Sulander, Ale Jääskeläinen, Mikko Rämö, Clint Elberts, Rasmus Tirronen, Bernd Bruckler, Larry Sadler etc… You will not find a coaching staff that comes even close to this at any other camp in Europe!
    • camp fee is 730E and it includes coaching, trainers services, training gear, energy replenishment/snacks and lunch
    • All goalies can apply for the remaining open slots. We expect the applicanst to be competitive goalies that have ambitious goals & they believe they have what it takes to achieve their dreams.Send a writte application to leirit (at) goaliepro.com. Make sure you include at leats the following information:
      • Name
      • Age
      • Team / level
      • Tel, e-mail and address
      • Your career goals
      • Why should you be selected to the camp
      • Possible references / recommendations
Our pro goalies work as coaches during the camp and they also go through their own workouts that students have an opportunity to follow
Juha Halmesvaara