GoaliePro Certified partner program

GoaliePro Certified partner program
01/08/2014 Jukka Ropponen

GoaliePro has been running goalie coaches mentoring program for several years with good success and now it is time to take our program to a different level. As we are getting more and more requests every year, it is impossible for us to accept all candidates that apply for our program. Decision has been made not to expand the program rather than put even more focus on the quality of it. This means that our program will be hard to get in and we choose only the most dedicated candidates and work with them on long term basis.

New upgraded program will be announced Sept 1. 2014 along with a list of current certified GoaliePro partners. This gives those coaches / organisations that participated in this summer program chance to finalise their white papers in order to be on the list and get a right to use the new GoaliePro Certified Partner logo.

More information: coaching (at) goaliepro.com


Jukka Ropponen