TRX Training for goalies – Lower body workout # 3

TRX Training for goalies – Lower body workout # 3
14/05/2011 Juha Halmesvaara

Espoo 14.5.2010

This summer Goaliepro has added TRX training as part of our pro goalie program. For several years we have been modernizing our methods and avoiding extreme weight lifting and running. In order to replace extreme weights and distance running etc we have been developing alternative methods and TRX training is one of them. In this article you will see examples of our Lower body workout # 3 for TRX. Notice how difficult these moves are for our ZSC Lions goalies as these videos were taken a week ago when the new training methods were introduced and goalies are trying them for the first time.

1-leg squats x 12 / leg


Air-steps x 10 / leg


Pike x 10


1-leg squats on Swiss ball x 12 / leg


Pendulum x 12


Wall stance shift x 10 / leg


Groing push x 10


Switchblade x 12