Professional off-season workout plan

Professional off-season workout plan
04/07/2010 Juha Halmesvaara

Espoo July 4. 2010

How do professional goalies work out during the off-season? In this article we are looking into veteran goaltender Ari Sulander’s summer week. ”Sulo” as he is better known, is a true veteran at the age of 41 and he is still playing at top level of European Pro Hockey as the netminder of Zurich Lions at Swiss league.

In this article you will find a copy of Sulo’s program from the past week & some photos from the workout’s on Saturday July 3.

Notice that some of the workout’s are standard set’s on his 2010 program and therefore not explained thoroughly in the weekly calender. Hopefully this gives you an idea how hard goalies need to work out during the off-season and how goalie specific their training is.


Wk 26 AM PMMon

Lower body workout # 1, circuit x 4

See videos of this workout!

Dryland w. Jukka 17:15-17:50 (Focus on hip movements and range of motion) followed by ice workout 18.15-19:45 (Focus on optimal positioning and movements) Tue 45 min biking with hr 120-130 followed by thorough stretching (body maintenance) Hurdlewalk / ladder workout # 1 Wed Upper body workout # 1 , circuit 4 x  Ice workout 18:15-19:45 (Hand work & puck control + shootin’s) followed by dryland 19:55-20:40 (Hard ladder workout) Thu Rest Swimming, 45 min on high tempo and maintain HR over 140 for the duration of the workout. Fri

Lower body workout:

1) Calf raises with barbell on back/neck

2) Squat, wide stance, barbell in front

3) Jefferson lifts, barbell between legs, other hand in front and other one behind

4) Hip adduction on machine

5) Hip abduction on machine

6) Thigh bicep curls on machine

7) Leg press

8) 1-Leg legpress

9) Calf pushes on legpress

10) Side bends with dumbbells

11) Back raises (wide range of motions, small extra weight)

12) Crunches on board with good elevation and small extra weight

…remember good warm-up…all moves 3 x before moving to next one…8-12 reps

Ice workout 18:15-19:45 (Focus on lateral movement and bringing the whole body to the movement properly)

dryland w. Jukka 19:55-20:40 (Hard agility track)

Sat Rest

Ice workout 12.15- 13:45 (1st part focused on lateral movement & change of direction technique followed by 4 hard conditioning / skating drills)

Dryland w. Jukka. 14-15. Death run with emphasis on depleting energy resources before weekend rest starts

Sun Rest Easy 1,5 h on stationary bike with HR 130-140 Lappidoc and Ari Sulander Week is done! Notice the new nutritional supplements that Sulo has taken as part of his daily routines. After ice workouts he uses Speed & Skill recovery powder from Lappidoc and he also uses Strength recovery powder after his lower & upper body workouts.

Veteran goalie getting in shape for the new season Sulo’s son Santtu skates with his dad during the summer. Santtu is 1st year forward at ZSC Lions Jun-A team. Every summer Sulo finetunes his style and works on improving his technique Last ice session of the week is over and it is time to get changed for the ”Death run”


Juha Halmesvaara