Niklas Bäcström talks about his training and nutrition

Niklas Bäcström talks about his training and nutrition
19/06/2010 Juha Halmesvaara

Niklas Bäckström, the star goalie of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild tells here about his training and nutrition

Ice hockey players must train throughout the year, although in summer the emphasis is outside the rink. As I’ve become older, I’ve learned to listen to my body better. Therefore we nowadays have more recovery exercises than before. Summer training consists of running, cycling, swimming, Pilates, yoga, gym, tennis, badminton, technique training on ice with the goalie coach, and stretching. We have 9–11 training sessions a week.

Our wintertime training includes 3–4 games per week and daily exercises on ice. Outside the rink, the emphasis is on recovery training and the maintenance of fitness. However, the most important thing is still to be successful on ice. With this amount of training, the role of nutrition is emphasized. I myself made major nutritional changes a bit over two years ago. The easiest way to improve my performance was to fix my nutritional intake. This was extremely easy and quick.

I added two supplementary meals in my daily dietary plan. I use the Lappidoc Extreme sports drink when training on ice and the Lappidoc Strength recovery powder after strength training. In summer, I also take the Lappidoc Endurance recovery powder and the Lappidoc Universal sports drink. Then we also have the drinks that maintain my liquid balance before and after the game. I used to have big problems with muscle cramps because I sweat a lot and the ice hockey rink is warm enough for shorts. Fortunately Lappidoc products help me with this. These nutritional changes have made me feel better and lighter, and it feels that my stamina is also better than before.

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