Goaltenders lower body workout # 1 – 2010!

Goaltenders lower body workout # 1 – 2010!
27/06/2010 Juha Halmesvaara

Below you will find videos that are part of our pro goalies weekly workout routines this summer. Every year we try find new methods, change routines etc to keep summer workouts challenging for the goalies and also to make them serve their game always better and better. It has become obvious for us that focusing more on better balance, small muscles and body control as part of the goalies strength training program we get much better results than with traditional weight lifting or with the machines. Of course we still use some of the traditional moves and machines as well, but not nearly as much as in the past.

As you can see from these videos we have made this summer moves more challenging and added a lot of instability with usage of air discs.

In typical workout goalies do 3 or 4 x all moves with very short breaks like in circuit training and only longer break is between rounds.


Video # 1 Body twists. Hold the medicine ball in front of your body while making body rotations to both sides. Keep your body straight.



Video # 2 Bent over dumbbell row on air dics.Balance yourself on the disc pillow and bend over on 1-leg stance. Hold your balance as well as you can while doing dumbbell rows.


Video # 3 Side lunges with focus on pushing up for air disc while holding dumbbells.


Video # 4 Goalie squats. Hold dumbbells in front of the body while balancing & squatting on Swiss ball.


Video # 5 Groin squeeze. Really good move for goalies that allows you to strengthen the areas (groin / inner thigh) that are usually quite injury prone. Push the ball against the floor hard while moving it in and out. Notice the air disc under balance foot.


Video # 6 One leg wall squats. Hard move where air disc adds additional instability.


Video # 7 Weight shifts on air discs. Focus on keeping your balance while pushing your body up from the disc.


Video # 8 One leg squats with Swiss ball on side. Balance foot on air disc and dumbbells in front of the body.