Captodor brings full sports hygiene product line to Nordics with GoaliePro

Captodor brings full sports hygiene product line to Nordics with GoaliePro
19/02/2021 Jukka Ropponen

GoaliePro started to distribute the full Captodor products line to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Estonia already last year and retailer network is growing fast in these countries. Captodor is the market leader with full offering / product line and support for the retail partners.

Companys patented technology fights the bacteria by encapsulating and destroying them. This process therefore kills most of the bad odor from equipment, clothing, shoes, skates etc.

Equipment spray kills majority of the bacteria in sports equipment and is therefore used by teams all the way to NHL. This product is a great way to keep your personal gear fresh and safe.

Captodor detergent is essential for anyone using new technical sports clothing as normal detergents dont work with these garments properly. Captodor detergent will maintain the wicking function of your clothes  while it kills the bacteria.

Hydro-gel is perfect for any sport where athletes are using gloves. Hockey, lacrosse etc players can use this gel product after taking the shower and kill the stubborn smell, that normal soap/shampoo does not handle,  from their hands.

Captodor product line also includes shower gel, footwear spray, deodorant etc products and our product offering is constantly growing.

Interested reatailers should contact or call Jukka Ropponen +358 400 423 190