Short butterfly slide

Short butterfly slide
03/08/2008 Juha Halmesvaara

Espoo 3.8.2008

This move is used by goalies quite often and therefore it has to be executed on automatical level. Only way one can achieve this level of execution is through learning the right technique and then repeating the move so often that it becomes automatic. I personally do use this type of drills a lot with my goalies during the season, but especially the off-season is a good time to practice moves like this.

When executing this drill pay attention to following points:

  • Goalie starts from the post and comes out with 1 quick push and stops on the outside skate. This way the weight is on the leg that has to do the pushing when goalie goes to butterfly slide. Incorrect stopping with the inside skate would slow the move down significantly as then the goalie would have to shift his weight from the inside leg to the outside leg before pushing.
  • Use players to pass the puck or have your goalie always imaging the play in front of him when making the moves. In this case it would be quick pass from behind the goal line to the forward that just drops it immediately to the other side from where the goalie will face a 1-timer shot. Notice that on the 2nd video example goalie has to wait a bit as the pass comes before moving to his butterfly slide.
  • When executing the butterfly slide movement notice how he slides the lead pad immediately to the ice, turns his shoulders at the same time as he pushes towards the direction of the anticipated shot.
  • Hands are kept out since the shot is not a real close one. This way goalie covers more of the net and can use his hands better to control the puck.