Goaliepro refocuses its operations

Goaliepro refocuses its operations
02/06/2012 Jukka Ropponen

Espoo 2.6.2012

For the past several years Goaliepro has been working on 2 business areas, coaching and goalie equipment sales. While Jukka Ropponen has been in charge of coaching, consultation, training methods development etc the other 2 partners Pekka Ajanto and Jamo Hautakoski have been looking after the gear sales. Now the owners have come to the decision to refocus the business around coaching goalies, consultation, training systems/methods development under guidance of Jukka Ropponen. For this purpose all these operations have been moved under Goaliepro Consulting Oy (Ltd). Current company JPJ Goaliepro Oy will sees its operations during the months of June-July.

Goaliepro Consulting Oy has also taken over the representation of Brian’s Custom Sports and will focus the equipment business as service to those goalies that are willing to invest in custom tools that are made in Canada. On top of Brian’s Goaliepro will have 1 or 2 smaller Canadian custom brands in their program.

As part of the business transition from the old Goaliepro to the new one,  the website and company logos have been acquired by Goaliepro Consulting Oy. Webshop will also be transferred to the new company on July 1.

Goaliepro Consulting is 100% owned by Jukka Ropponen. Company has invited Juha Halmesvaara and Jan Ropponen to join as members of the board of directors. Juha and Jan have also taken over the task of enhancing company web presence. First results should be online during the next week as Juha and Jan are starting to produce materials during the upcoming veteran’s clinic and annual camp.

Ari Sulander is the latest addition to Goaliepros coaches pool

With the new sharper focus on coaching and consulting, company will also expand its services to goalies and teams alike. For this purpose Goaliepro has been adding resources to its coaches pool. Latest addition is veteran Ari Sulander who recently retired from ZSC Lions and has now relocated back to Finland. Ari will start coaching with Goaliepro from tomorrow’s clinic and will be one of the main coaches in our programs.