A look at Swedish Goaltending Development

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A look at Swedish Goaltending Development

Postby Cubanpuckstopper » Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:33 pm

It has only been about six weeks since the CHL announced the ban on European goalie. At the time I was in Finland instructing and learning how to instruct in their system. Since then a few articles have surfaced discussing the Swedish system of developing goaltenders. In my opinion, the Finns view the Swedes as the country most likely to overtake them as the leading developer of goaltenders (not Canada nor the USA)

What is the Swedish Recipe for goaltending development.? The two links below will reveal some of their secret ingredients.

http://ingoalmag.com/technique/goalie-d ... in-sweden/ Ingoal Magazine and Magnus Olsson discuss goaltending in Sweden

http://hockeytrainingpro.com/wordpress/ ... us-olsson/ From Maria Mountain 45 minutes of interview with Olsson, which contains more in depth discussion of differences between North American and Swedish systems.
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