More Accurate Catching

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More Accurate Catching

Postby Cubanpuckstopper » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:29 pm

This thread is based on the assumption that most goalies catch with their non-dominant hand, likely a result of throwing with their dominant hand.

How can we make the non-dominant hand act more like the dominant hand?

Possibly throwing a ball to a specific point. Thinking it through, throwing an object to a specific point is reverse of catching a shot released from a specific point

A low overhead activity that can improve visuo motor coordination is a properly implemented tracing (can be referred to as chiroscopic drawing).

This link is a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The report is quite detailed/thorough. Jump to page 19 to see the conclusion. ... 754740.pdf

Can this be applied to goaltending?
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