GoaliePro mentoring program for goalie coaches 2014

GoaliePro mentoring program for goalie coaches 2014
09/02/2014 Jukka Ropponen

GoaliePro will continue to educate goalie coaches and spread it’s knowledge through goalie coaches mentoring program. Program will be open for 4-6 goalie coaches that will be selected based on their applications. Program in a nutshell consists following:

Leirin aikana suhde on 2-3 oppilasta yhtä valmentajaa kohden. Tämä takaa opetuksen tason sekä runsaan ja henkilökohtaisen palautteen

During the camp week you get a chance to work with several experienced GoaliePro coaches and learn their methods

  • You will work with Goaliepro to generate a “white paper” on topic approved by Goaliepro. This will be naturally technique / goalie training related. Work for the paper will start right away and we hope that you will have yours finished in July 2014. Goaliepro / Jukka Ropponen will be mentoring and helping you in creation of the paper. Your whiote paper will be published on GoaliePro.com website
  • You also need to create a storyboard for the photos and videos that need to be shot for your white paper. Goaliepro will provide professional help and create the materials with you based on the approved storyboard. If you decide to create videos to go with your white paper, we will publish them at our Youtube channel.
  • Main event and the heart of the program is Goaliepro’s main camp June 2-6 @ Espoo (Laaksolahti ice rink & sports center), Finland where you will be working with Goaliepro’s trained staff. During the week you will work with several different coaches and topics & learn their drills and methods.
  • During the week you will also have a chance to be on the ice helping with Goaliepro’s pro workout’s while we are working with goalies like Niklas Bäckström (Minnesota), Bernd Bruckler (RedBulls), several NCAA div I goalies etc…
  • Goaliepro will provide you the mentoring, training, Goaliepro’s coaches annual “clothing package”, lunches and Friday night coaches dinner event. Your cost is travel and lodging.
  • Send your application to valmennus(at)goaliepro.com and remember to include your hockey CV, personal information and a description why you want to be part of this program along with proposal for possible white paper topics you would like to work on.
Leirin aikana oppilaat saavat valmentajilta suoraa palautetta mm videon avulla

Mentorin program participant working with Merrimack’s Rasmus Tirronen

Jukka Ropponen