Combination drill example

Combination drill example
02/08/2008 Juha Halmesvaara

Espoo 2.8.2008

This video was shot a few weeks ago at our pro goalies summer ice training session. By this time we had been on the ice for about a month and were moving more towards drills like this after the main technical corrections etc were done.

In this example video Ari Sulander stops first the shot from narrow angle and right after that he moves to save the quick breakaway coming from the center.

Our focus on this drill was on the following things:

  • In the first shot the aim is to stay patient and not to back too deep in & work on timing. Key is to avoid committing & going down too early.
  • In the breakaway I had isntructed goalies to really focus on stickhandling and always try to poke the puck away if the player comes ”too close” and enables goalie to use his stick
  • Second focus issue on breakaways was positioning. We were working on staying out far enough so that goalie takes away the space for direct shot/scoring and forces the forward to try a deke

This is just one example of the combination drills we did use this summer and before you start using drills like this remember one thing: Your technique needs to be correct before you move on to applied drills like this. This goes along as guideline for juniors as well as seasoned pro’s.