Ari Sulander – Mask tells about the career

Ari Sulander – Mask tells about the career
06/09/2011 Juha Halmesvaara

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What makes 42 year’s veteran to train 9-11 times per week through the hot summer? Love for the game is the answer Ari Sulo Sulander will give to you as he gets ready for the season 2011-12, during which he will become 43 years old. At ZSC’s training camp that starts tomorrow Sulo will start using his new Wall W 10 mask where painter Bona Hallikainen has designed a story of Sulo’s long career

This is were it all began when young Sulo joined the junior team with Kojootit at Kontula’s outdoor rink Rintinpolku

And here at Zurich’s Hallenstadion the career will most propably end, but as the 201? shows, it is too early to say yet when this will happen

From Kojootit Sulo moved to HJK juniors and then to the other one of his career’s main clubs Jokerit

Vantaa Hockey Team gave Sulo needed playing time before he won the # 1 spot at Jokerit roster. GCK Lions has provided has been also a place to get games when needed. Last winter stint with Pelicans was a chance for Sulo to play again at Finnish league and get his plaque for 400 Finnish league games

Sulo’s heart has been with ZSC Lions for more than a decade now and he has also gained dual citizenship